South Carolina Energy-Economy-Environment (E3)


E3—Economy, Energy, and Environment—is a coordinated federal and local technical assistance initiative that helps communities work with their manufacturing base to adapt and thrive in a new business era focused on sustainability. Joining forces with the local community, E3 provides manufacturers with a) customized, hands-on assessments of production processes to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon footprints, prevent pollution, and conserve resources; b) lean/green project implementations; c) employee training in green skills; and d) information and technical assistance from other state agencies regarding low interest loan availability and access to these loans for system/equipment costs recommended through assessment/implementation.

In 2014, Clemson University was presented with the opportunity to become involved with E3. A two-year partnership was developed between the Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at Clemson University and Duke Energy to perform E3 assessments for manufacturers in South Carolina. DHEC and SCMEP have also joined this partnership and will be key players in performing the P2 and lean assessments for the project. This current two-year phase has committed to a program with approximately 6 to 8 projects in upstate South Carolina companies, commencing in 2015. The partnership is further outlined in this charter.

Funded by Environmental Protection Agency, Pollution Prevention (P2):$320,000