Amanda Farthing


Amanda Farthing is a senior in Industrial Engineering with additional studies in Sustainability, International Engineering and Science, and Global Policy. Amanda is interested in working at the intersection of human societies and natural ecosystems, with the ultimate goal of reducing emissions and waste while improving quality of life. With the E3 group, she has developed and published an analysis of the geographical potential for utility-scale solar photovoltaics in South Carolina, including the identification of suitable land areas using a geographic information system.

Through groups such as Engineers Without Borders and Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries, she has contributed to the implementation and technical analysis of water and clean energy systems in Nicaragua and Haiti. More locally, she has worked with fellow students to initiate Clemson's first Green Revolving Fund to catalyze efficiency projects on campus. During summer internships with the Climate Institute in Washington, D.C. and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, Amanda gained experience in building energy efficiency by drafting a sustainability plan for an industrial park and investigating potential energy savings of virtual computing in office buildings. In the transportation realm, Amanda and a fellow student developed a fleet-sizing and charge scheduling optimization model for campus electric bus fleets; she presented this model at the 2016 INFORMS annual meeting. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys getting lost in the woods, playing soccer, and salsa dancing.

Amanda recenty started her graduate studies at the University of Michigan.

Honors & Awards:

    Fulbright Scholarship

    NSF Graduate Research Fellowship


    Farthing A, Langner R, Trenbath K.(2016) Energy Savings and Usability of Zero-Client Computing in Office Settings. Building and Environment, Under Review.