John Sherwood


John Sherwood grew up in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. He received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from Calvin College. While at Calvin, John worked on several energy effiency & energy production projects including the Calvin Energy Recovery Fund, a solar thermal optimization project, and designing a solar PV array for the college.

John has continued in similar roles at Clemson by helping develop a sustainable energy fund and by teaching an energy efficiency Creative Inquiry class. John is also a Graduate Student Government (GSG) senator, where he is a leading member of the GSG Sustainability Task Force. John also runs GSG's graduate travel grant program and is responsible for its ~$180k budget.

John's research project is an agent-based model designed to explore energy transition scenarios. The core of the model is a resource-based technological evolution framework - technologies and the broader economy evolve over time, though this growth is dependent on renewable and non-renewable resources. Agents have limited knowledge of their resources, and may or may not make long-term decisions to smoothly transition through a sudden supply-shock or depletion event. The project is funded through a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

John spent a summer as a Graduate Research Aide at Argonne National Lab's Global Security Sciences division. While there, he utilized the Active Subspaces parameter reduction technique to perform sensitivity analyses on a large-scale agent-based model. John has also completed the Los Alamos National Lab's Science of Signatures Advanced Studies Institute short course, which focused on grant writing techniques while exploring critical infrastructure research problems.

John's research was recently featured in New Scientist Magazine, here.

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Honors & Awards:

    GeoAmbassador, Clemson University Center for Geospatial Technologies, 2019
    Distinguished Senator, Clemson University Graduate Student Government, 2018
    Southeast Superlative Award, Georgia Environmental Conference Student Poster Session, 2018
    William R. Heatley Jr. Award, Department of Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences, Clemson, 2018
    Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 2017 - 2020
    Environmental Scholars Award , Department of Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences, Clemson, 2017


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    Sherwood, J., Haney, B. and Carbajales-Dale, M. (2017) Resource Criticality in Modern Economies: Agent-based model demonstrates vulnerabilities from technological interdependence, Biophysical Economics and Resource Quality, 2:9
    Sherwood, J., Clabeaux, R. and Carbajales-Dale, M. (2017) An Extended Environmental- Input-Output Lifecycle Assessment Model to Study the Urban Food-Energy-Water Nexus, Environmental Research Letters, 12,10


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