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Zikai Zhou joined Clemson University in August 2014 as a master student in environmental Engineering. Before that, Zikai was an undergraduate student in Tianjin University, China. His undergraduate research was finding detection method of anthracene and pyrene in soil.

Before that, Zikai had a two-year research on the PM2.5 and PM10 Pollution Characteristics Analysis in the Heating Period Project, mainly focus on the different content index of PAHs between heating period and normal days. Besides, Zikai also had a research on Application of Biological Grid in Biological Water Treatment Project by Using Different Plants. For the internship, Zikai was a trainee in Municipal Engineering Design Institute for three months, mainly using AutoCAD to plot design drawing.

Honors & Awards:


    Zhou, Z. and Carbajales-Dale, M. (2018) Assessing the photovoltaic technology landscape: efficiency and energy return on investment. Energy & Environmental Science, 10.1039/C7EE01806As