Development of an Entirely Wood Floor System Designed for Biogenic Carbon Storage, Adaptability, and End of Life De/Re/Construction


Program overview

This project is funded by DOE ARPA-e Harnessing Emissions into Structures Taking Inputs from the Atmosphere (HESTIA) program. The HESTIA program aims to support the development of technologies that cancel out embodied emissions while transforming buildings into net carbon storage structures. HESTIA projects will develop and demonstrate building materials and whole-building designs from a wide range of potential feedstocks (e.g., forestry and purpose-grown products, agricultural residues, direct carbon utilization) that are net carbon negative on a life-cycle basis by using atmospheric CO2 in the production process.

HESTIA addresses the need for negative emission technologies to implement carbon removal strategies. The program changes the paradigm for building construction by using carbon negativity as a key design parameter. HESTIA is also important to reducing embodied emissions. The majority of these are concentrated at the start of a building’s lifetime and locked in before the building is ever used.

Project summary