Satvik Dhumal


Satvik comes form Pune, a metropolitan city in the western part of India. Though the state of Maharashtra leads in many economic and developmental fronts but it has suffered major blow in its overall growth, due to severe drought like situation arising over the decades. The uncertain climatic pattern, an erratic rainfall observed in central India, has resulted in a severe agrarian crisis and uncontrollable farmer suicides.

The adverse effects of climatic changes in this region and apathy of the farmers have pushed Satvik to learn about the complex interactions between humans and the environment. The graduate studies will give him an opportunity to return back to the society, through effective learning and implementation of innovative techniques in developing solutions to the problems of climate change.

Satvik graduated from the University of Pune, receiving a degree in Chemical Engineering. His undergraduate research comprised of “Removal of heavy metals from wastewater using Graphene- Oxide and its Nanocomposites”. At the Clemson University, Satvik joined the E3S group in Fall 2018. His research work focusses on assessing the vulnerability of the energy infrastructure in the port city of Charleston primarily and other coastal areas of South Carolina.

Apart from academics, Satvik is proficient in Indian Classical Singing, and loves cycling, cooking, travelling and learning about different cultures.

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