Garrett Lewis


Christopher Garrett Lewis is a second-year student at Clemson University from Columbia, South Carolina. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Garrett is enrolled in General Honors and holds a long-running interest in research and engineering.

In high school, he became involved in pyrolysis-based Biomass to Liquid research for small-scale applications. Prior to his first semester at Clemson University, Garrett participated in the 2022 EUREKA! Program – working with Dr. Shunyu Liu of Clemson University’s Department of Automotive Engineering to investigate the potential use of Laser-Directed Energy Deposition with High Entropy Alloys.

Garrett is currently helping lead the 2023 EUREKA! Program as a counselor while working under Professor Carbajales-Dale on conducting techno-economic assessments of solar PV and other hybrid systems for rural electrification. Garrett plans on continuing his work under Professor Carbajales-Dale going forward.

You can contact Garrett here.