Sheikh Moni


Sheikh Moni is a Ph.D. candidate at Clemson University in the department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences. At Clemson, his research focuses on life cycle assessment (LCA) of emerging technologies at low technology readiness levels (TRL 2-5). Sheikh is working on developing a robust framework for prospective application of LCA to evaluate emerging technologies at early development stages (lab scale or bench scale) to facilitate sustainable technology development. His work also includes application of this LCA framework to evaluate potential environmental impacts of emerging technologies from different industries (e.g. perovskite PV cells, biofuels).

Before joining Clemson University, Sheikh obtained his B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh and MS degree also in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, USA. He also obtained his MBA degree from Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Besides study, Sheikh enjoys playing and watching cricket. He also enjoys travelling and visiting places with family and friends.

You can contact Moni here.

Honors & Awards:

    Finalist, 3MT Competition, PhD Candidates, Clemson University, 2018.



      Moni, S.; Devkota, J.; Khanna, V.; and Landis, A. (2017) Poster: Life Cycle Assessment of Emerging Technologies: A Case Study of Biofuel Via Fast Pyrolysis of Sweet Sorghum, Engineering Sustainability, Pittsburgh, PA, April 9-11, 2017