Honors & Awards

    Principal investigator (PI) on $2M USD of funding from US Dept. of Energy (DOE) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    Co-PI on a further $25M USD of funding from US National Science Foundation (NSF), US DoE, US EPA, US NOAA, and US Department of Education.


    2021-2023: Methane as a Source of Income for South Carolina Agribusinesses and Farmers: Technical and Economic Feasibility Study, Agribusiness Center for Research and Entrepreneurship (ACRE): 50,000 USD
    2019-2023: Peroxide-producing microbial fuel cells for space life support systems applications, US National Aeronautical and Space Agency (NASA): 750,000 USD
    2015-2018: GAANN: Model Validation Analytics in Support of High-Consequence Decision Making, US Dept. of Education: 1,229,816 USD
    2014-2015: A Net Energy Analysis Toolkit, Institute of Integrated Economic Research: 100,000 USD


    Sherwood, J., 2018: "Southeast Superlative" Best Student Poster Award, Georgia Environmental Conference
    Sherwood, J., 2018: William R. Heatley Jr. Award, Department of Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences, Clemson University
    Sherwood, J., 2018: Honorable Mention for The Lifeblood of America, Clemson Science as Art
    Sherwood, J., 2017-2020: Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation: 138,000 USD
    Sherwood, J., 2017: Environmental Scholars Award, Department of Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences, Clemson University
    Dale, M., 2015: Best Paper Award 2015, Sustainability Journal: 600 CHF
    Dale, M., 2007-2010: Keith Laugesen Scholarship, University of Canterbury: 75,000 NZD
    Dale, M., 2007-2010: International Doctoral Scholarship, University of Canterbury: 30,000 NZD